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Defines someone of a groovy, groovable, groovtastic or groovesome lifestyle, persona or personality. Can also be used to describe an object, country, melody, etc of a groove related nature.
Hey John, you look totally groovacious this evening
by Jam Master J, 2009 January 13, 2009
somebody who is ultra cool.
somebody who is groovy!
- can also be used to describe a dance move.
Austin Powers is groovacious baby yeah!

That dance move was totally groovacious!
by This well cool dude. July 21, 2008
A term used by a fucking insane art teacher that enjoys drinking bathroom coffee and adjusting himself. It means something along the lines of fly or sweet.
That's hot dawg, it's even borderline groovacious. If i knew better, I would say your parents helped you invent this potato.
by Spanky the Pirate April 02, 2004