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sexual act in which the person(mostly male)wrestles a dog nude ending in the dog biting the persons crotch and the person getting off on it
Pozno-ew i peeked through the window and saw mike and his dog wrestling and biting each others penises
Jackie-yeah they did a groho that night,lets not talk to him anymore
by Pozno January 23, 2007
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A student disliked by his peers for being a try hard in class, acne covered, long haired and weirdly emotional all the time, moody and anal about everything, but mostly being a neck bearded fairy faggot boat rowing pussy who loves long boards
Jim: Oh hey Tom what's up you look upset
Tom: My lab partner was absent so I had to work with that groho Andrew :(
Jim: Damn.. That sucks dude!! Let's go smoke an el in the bathroom to calm you down before lunch
by Banana_Hamock_🍌 March 31, 2015

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