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When you sleep for 10 hours and you still wake up tired.
Every single day i have the groggles.
by iwannabeanalcoholic March 27, 2005
A sightseeing through the stores.
I just went for a little groggle / goggling through the stores.
by ymihere January 23, 2010
beyond measurement in weird
dude that guy is so groggle,or kendra gillars
by glagla April 11, 2010
Searching for beer.
Me: “What are you doing tonight?”
Friend: “Heading into town for a Groggle, fancy joining?”

Policeman: “What are you doing out this late?”
Me: “Just Groggling, officer.”
by The Real Stephen Fry November 12, 2010
another term for pussy wedgie
omg i have the biggest groggle!
by Amanda March 15, 2005