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The violent noises of digestion attempts right before you piss out your ass.
"Dude, did you hear that groel? I'm going to be a while, don't bother to pause the movie."
by incognito August 12, 2004
3 0
A stinky, sunflower seed-filled dookie that comes out feeling like you're passing a pinecone (against the grain) with needles stuck in it.
Check out the groel I left in your toilet. (Sorry about the blood.)
by Stizzle Pavizzle September 30, 2003
6 1
To grow steadily and predictably, but still managing to get out of hand and unmanageable.
You know... I know she's my step sister, but the feelings I felt were groeling and sooner or later...
by Dude with Coffee September 14, 2008
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