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A Jamaican insult. Equal to calling someone a motherfucka.
Watch out for who you're steppin' on blood clot!
by Incognito October 01, 2003
Food. Grub. Chow. Cuisine. Edibles. Nosh. Nourishment.
Got any more of that *DELICIOUS* fodder?
by Incognito December 07, 2003
A person or event that figuratively "rubs the wrong way."
"He is such a chafe."
"This math exam is such a chafe."
"Dude, you're chafing so hard right now."
by incognito August 09, 2004
Probably the most admired hacker in the world.
by Incognito December 10, 2002
1) The act of sploding.
2) Slang for explode or burst.
I'm gonna splode.
by Incognito October 12, 2003
The violent noises of digestion attempts right before you piss out your ass.
"Dude, did you hear that groel? I'm going to be a while, don't bother to pause the movie."
by incognito August 12, 2004
A white otaku, the biggest fucking Japanese wannabe I know. He also has a penis similer to those of asian men. (virtually non-exsistant)
"Dude, don't be a samejima."
by Incognito March 08, 2005

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