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A situation that is lost or out of control. Also can be refered to when in a tempoarily bad situation.
Jason watched as the school blew to peices. Turning around to see the princpal, he closed his eyes in annoyance,"GrizzlyFuck."
by Kat-Kat April 09, 2006
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A verb describing a type of sexual dominance where either the "Papa Bear" (males) or "Mama Bear" (females) will dig their nails into their partner and vigorously fuck them while tremendously roaring like a grizzly bear. *Optional: Between roars, remarking on passionate grizzly bear topics such as defending caves, cubs, hibernation, honey, salmon, berries, etc.*
-"I don't mind rough sex, but when my boyfriend Grizzly Fucked my butt hole last night, I was very concerned."

-"The first date went very well. I'll latch right onto his chest and Grizzly Fuck him if he invites me back to his place tonight."
by the griz May 06, 2013
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