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The act of pealing ones forskin back and placing Grizzly mint dip under the skin. then return forskin to normal position,and place a condom over your penis. once your about to come cut a small hole on your condom and let it all come out into your womans vagina. she will begin to buzz from the dip and then throw up.
I got my girl addicted to dipp by giving her a Grizzly Punch.

Semen Vagina Dip
by Grizzly Punch Man April 08, 2011
When going down on a woman and you find out she hasn't shaved you punch her in the pussy.
I had to grizzly punch that hairy bitch.
by Kingkink April 27, 2009
while doing a girl from the back, hit her in the head with a brick..and then finish up.
She was pissing me off so i grizzly punched her ass and then left her on the side of the road.
by Jim Bob Cleetus II October 30, 2007
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