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To hold a beverage and guzzle it all in a fashion of a thirsty person. The person in question may or may not be black. The drink may often be a large beverage such as a 2 liter soda and the person will literally grip the bottle because of it's heavy weight.
Friend 1: I like this 7 Up
Friend 2: Can I have some?
Friend 1: Sure!
Friend 2:*Drinks it all*
Friend 1: You did not just grip and sip my 7 up son.
by Mr.Hobbes October 18, 2009

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Slang used to refer to the consumption of an intoxicating beverage, especially when the intent is to become very drunk. It can mean either the act of drinking or the beverage itself.
1. Hey, you ready to grip and sip tonight?
2. Damn, I need to get some grip and sip.
by thebsup May 10, 2012