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Synonymous with monetary riches (i.e. cash, money, scrilla, and/or paper) or simply as an exclamation of agreement, satisfaction or generic ballin' prowess.

Noun: "Stack that grilled chedda."

Adjective: “That idea is grilled chedda.”

Verb: “He be grillin’ that chedda.” or “Yeah, grill that chedda.”
Mo' Chedda, Mo' Betta*
By Rick Ross

I'm a thrilla, chilla,
A grilled chedda' go-getta
The only thing up in my grill is this rich chedda, killa
Fo sho chedda. Mo' chedda.

Grilled chedda!
Let that grilled chedda drip,

Drip, drip, drip, b*tch!

*lyrics from an early underground mixtape
by Fluffy Fingers March 06, 2012
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