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A Greek person acting ignorant; A Greek Nigger; A Greek person "acting black" by wearing certain clothing and using modified speech or slang.
Jimmy is such a Grigger, he wear saggy pants with a tilted hat and bandana while he flips his komboloi.
by GrK PuNisHeR November 13, 2005
a greek person who thinks they're black, ususally talking like there ghetto and listen to rap like it's jesus.
guy: hey man whatr u listning to?

grigger: Fuckn T.I bitch. Hbu holmes?

guy: dude ure sucha fuckn grigger. not to mention a douche.
by Ko Qweefer May 29, 2009
(Slang) Derogatory term referring to those with a "green" skin tone. Similar to the term "ginger".
Sally: "That girl is such a slut!"
Joe: "You're just upset because her baby's got a grigger for a daddy."
by ToWhomItMayConcern August 23, 2009

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