A griffen is a devastating facial disordeer causing the recipient to slowly deform and form a clitoris on the end of his or hers nose. Men are most inclined to get griffened from being raped as a young child by a sleezey priest or by another child with a lubed up stik. griffene is a slow process and is very painful inbdeed. when it spreads one cazn come all day long and end up with a coldicutt.
my nose was itchy nut when i scratched i nearly collapsed in xtzcy.
by I LOVE BOYS July 29, 2003
Top Definition
The most amazing guy ever, He is kind, caring, and knows how to treat somebody...
He is so amazing, he is griffen.
by peachy97 June 27, 2011
griffen is the type of person who is outgoing and shy at he same time. griffen's are usually tall dark haired, freckled and have chin dimples. griffens are not always the smartest people but are awesome to hang around. griffens are the kind of guys who are on the football team but aren't jerks.griffens should ask out jennifers
griffen:hey jen u want to go out with me

jen:ya, i love football players
by wickawocka November 16, 2011
When you beat a game or reach a high level in a day or two.
Guy 1: Yo i pulled off a Griffen yesterday.
Guy 2: What?
Guy 1: I got to level 50 on runescape in a day.
by Name187 November 27, 2011
god in greek or ancient roman used to describe muscular beast who is untame and hunts leopards and or other mamals
he is a total griffen
by pokemon55 January 27, 2010
The best gymnast alive. Talented, buff, and beautiful. Made of muscle.
Griffen will win the championships!
by lulu habooboo May 31, 2010
A cheap nock-off of Griffin.
Just write Griffen with an 'I' jeese...
by >>>>>>>>>>>> May 20, 2008
Griffen- To expell the entire contents of you mouth and nasal cavity (snot) in a 2ft 220 degree radius of the direction he or she is facing when they Griffen. Griffening is usually enduced by laughter or extreme shock.
He tried not to griffen but when I called him a government test monkey he couldn't hold it in.
by Admirizal March 06, 2006
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