a person, when first observed seems extremely nice and amazingly hot. Then, you get to know him and you begin an amazing relationship. After a month or two, he breaks your heart and decides that you're not worth a crap
person 1: look at Greyson!
person 2: yeah, hes a jerk
by SuperWoman018 February 15, 2010
Top Definition
Perfection. Feckless, masculinity. Creative and intelligent in many forms. Handsome, sexy, and beautiful. Loves Bob Dylan, Franz Ferdinand, and David Bowie. Inspires to be a director some day. Not into conformity, fads, hypes, trends, and what everyone else likes. Still a kid at heart. Caring, mysterious, and different. A whiz at pop culture. Lovable. I mean, Everyone loves Greyson.
Person filling out crossword puzzle: Ok, here's 3 down, "A perfect, amazing human being, male." And it's 7 letters.

Person that is kinda helping because they are better with words: Ummm... Oh! Greyson! It's gotta be! That definitely only describes Greyson.
by Rylan&Melissa February 05, 2010
Perfect, amazing, rock hard abs, loved by everyone, funny, preppy, and smexy
"look at that guy over there jeff, he must be a greyson"
by Jorge Posada112434 September 03, 2011
He's a good friend until he get's annoyed. He is uauly the nicest person ever but later on into the relationship he turn into a dick! but ohwell, its hard to love him.. <3 & he's really cocky but he has a reason to be cocky with his rock hard abs (;
OMG, look at his abs! he looks like a greyson!
by Coolcat856756876 June 27, 2011
a huge dickbag that is possibly bi and is constantly annoying
hey that Greyson kid a a huge annoying dickbag
by Kittykatkid13 June 14, 2016
G- reat big douchebag
R- eally big douchebag
E- xceptionally big douchebag
Y- es. He is a douchebag
S- uper big douchebag
O- h, by the way hes a douchebag
N- ot a douchebag....jk hes a huuuuuugeeee douchebag.
Hey did you see that kid Greyson? Yeah he's a douchebag!!

Who's the biggest douchebag you know? Greyson of course.

Whats the definition of douchebag? Greyson
by Pabst Blue Ribbon. November 18, 2010
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