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Greylin is a gorgeous girl that is usually the leader of a 2-3 person group. Though she is very pretty, her personality is cold. Greylins are usually very wealthy and tend to brag about it. A false sense of humor, a lack of intelligence, and a need for attention is common in girls named Greylin. She is the type of girl that enjoys teasing guys with her external beauty. If you find a Greylin, don't get too close. She may seem nice at first, but she will soon leave you feeling hurt.
Boy 1: Dude, see that girl?
Boy 2: Oh you mean Greylin? Don't try her.
Boy 3: Why not? She seems nice and she's really pretty...
Boy 4: Man, don't fall for it. I've been there before.
by sunnydayaway April 28, 2013
a beautiful girl who is amazing and sweet and awesome. she is very rare and very gorgeous. if you find a greylin, treasure her. <3
DAMNN. my girlfriend, greylin, is such the best!
by lalalaaelmosworld March 05, 2011

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