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an unbelievably gorgeous Brazilian girl with the most beautiful smile you've ever seen. body is on point and something you can't really look away from. the best person you'll ever meet in your life, the most amazing kisser you'll ever have in a million lifetimes. she'll always be there for you to take care of you even when she doesn't have to. she'll make you smile no matter what mood you're in. she'll give you the best sex you'll ever have which will undoubtedly have you coming back. she'll make you the happiest person on the face of the earth without even trying. she's foreign but beautiful as any sunrise or sunset. her style is perfection and her lips are nirvana. you'll feel safest whenever she's in your arms.
them: who's greice?
me: the most girl in the world, which just so happens to be my girlfriend.
by D4NK3NSTE!N March 30, 2012

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