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RECENT Indie Musician. A bad-tempered and complex character (but not necessarily intelligent). One who has two faces- usually a good and a bad, and many deep-rooted insecurities which he masks through extreme egotism and sometimes even cruelty. Uses illogic, grudges, and drinking as coping mechanisms. Gregory Preston Muir's tend to be quite well-liked until they let themselves slip, ultimately showing the world their true colors. Although usually happy on the outside, Gregory's are a wreck on the inside- usually due to internal battling such as truth and self-hatred. May succeed early in life, but unless a Gregory Preston Muir faces his flaws in order to get over himself, he will eventually meet a slow and unfortunate demise.
Teacher: What is wrong?

Student: That guy is such a Gregory Preston Muir. *sniff*

Teacher: Really? I thought he was supposed to be nice.

Student: Oh, not anymore. He is a BAD, BAD person.

Teacher: I wouldn't have guessed. But I suppose I only see kids in the classroom. He's not exceptionally intelligent, but he does work hard...

Student: True. He surprised me as well.

Teacher: What did he do?

Student: A lot of horrible shit... Including excessive and irresponsible drinking, deceiving girls, hurting people, lying blatantly to family and friends, spreading malicious rumors, and being an overall HORRIBLE jerk. While desperately failing to maintain his image in order to protect his huge, broken ego.

Teacher: Wow, sounds like a dick. Well he's short and ugly, so at least he won't be hurting that many girls in his lifetime.
by aciditybasitidy January 25, 2011
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