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When a Spanish-San Diegan roomate gently and lovingly embraces a much taller Jewish gentleman. It is considered both quite creepy and gay, therefore greepy.
"Did you see that hug?"

"Yeah man, that was really creepy and gay"

"Pretty greepy huh"
by Steven O'Carroll November 02, 2008
Gross and Creepy = Greepy
Why does that guy keep looking at us? He looks GREEPY!

That guy following us around is kind of GREEPY.
by LW0WW April 30, 2011
a cross between gross and creepy ... see also greepster
Man that fool is greepy!
i.e. Monica's boyfriend is very greepy.
by Los Padrotes February 23, 2004
cross between gay and creepy
damn that bitch mercy is greepy. look at the way she just stares at that girls boobs
by TTELLO April 12, 2007