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(Verb.) (1)To make green, especially with reference to conservation. (2)To begin recycling. (3)To make a home or community earth-friendly. (4) To plant trees and shrubbery. (5)Any effort to help the planet.
In order to conserve precious resources for the future, parents should teach their children to greenify by recycling and planting native trees and shrubbery.
by Wikistrom April 25, 2007
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Verb. 1. To make green. 2. To make eco-friendly, such as by recycling. 3. Any action that helps the environment, such as using electric engines instead of gasoline or diesel ones.
V.P. Gore is trying to greenify the world with his movie, An Inconvenient Truth.
by Taylor Jared April 26, 2007
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The act of planting trees. Doing something that involves planting trees.
I want to greenify my yard, I am greenifing my space, I am planting a tree, or donating to plant a tree. Greenify the world now with GreenifyNow.
by GreenifyNow August 14, 2008
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