A neighborhood in Scituate, Massachusetts, soon to be a terminus for a reinstated (dormant since the 1950's) commuter railroad.
The Greenbush Line will travel from Boston's South Station, making stops in Quincy, Braintree, Weymouth, Hingham, Cohasset, and Scituate.

The upper-South Shore is the last area in Greater Boston without adequate commuter transit. There is a Commuter Boat from Hingham, but most parking is reserved for Hingham residents, at discounted rates!

A boorish, vocal group of Hingham residents tried every trick in the book to "de-rail" the Greenbush Line. A Boston Globe columnist from nearby Weymouth mercilessly, and justifiably, described these NIMBY activists as petulant primadonnas.
by DFJD May 10, 2006
Top Definition
a small town in Maine where everyone drives big jacked up trucks and they party in gravel pits .
That was on hell of a party in Greenbush last night.
by GreenbushChick July 10, 2008
an environmentally sustainable vagina.
Bro 1: Yo bra how was your night? End up taking that slam rhino back?
Bro 2: Yah dude, chick has a greenbush though. Not cool.
by Frankshot December 15, 2010
A vaginal fungus that turns pubes green and itchy
Oh no I heard he had green bush
by Green bush May 15, 2016
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