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A fresh, new British comedy that is funny, witty and different. Not that much like Scrubs. If you were British, you would see that the two are completely different. You can't even compare them.
person 1: "Green Wing and Scrubs are both good, which is better?"
Person 2: "You cant compare them. Both are great"
by Somebody Somewhere October 04, 2005
A great new Channel 4 show, set (mainly) in a hospital. Sort of comedy, sort of drama, it's also a bit like a sketch show. And Teachers, another C4 show.
"I haven't checked out Green Wing yet, but I hear it's great."
by Jon K October 12, 2004
Wings awarded for: -

1) Having sexual-intercorse with a clappy slapper.

2) Having sex with a woman with a sexual infection.

It is not essencial to catch the infection
Stay away from her. I got my green wings from her!
by Light_obsidian December 15, 2005
In the Advance Wing set. This is awarded for performing oral sex on a female knowing she has a STD or VD
Man i got my green wings last Night...not cool.
by Fatboyinc December 03, 2007
The merit badge earned by eating gonnorhea infected pussy.
I got my greenwings and redwings at the same time the other night dude.Got any of that penicillin left over from your prescription?
by The Water Gun Tweaker December 26, 2005
to have sexual intercourse with a dead body
well theres red wings which is eating out a chick on her period and green wings is fucking a chicks pussy while she is dead
by Sasquatch32560 March 28, 2011
British hospital comedy shown on Channel 4. Takes a lot from Scrubs, and the episodes are a bit hit and miss sometimes. Still, has golden moments.
The consultant radiologist is the best character.
by Dougal September 27, 2004
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