Green Friday is a reform movement that refers to a variety of social, economic, and political concepts.

As a social theory, Green Friday is rooted in the desire to bring mindful practice, self-expression, experiential learning and compassion to individual and community behavior.

As an economic theory, Green Friday promotes social identity development over economic growth and efficiency, utilizing ecologic economic and open-source praxis.

As a political theory, Green Friday seeks to encourage a transparent and accountable law process that allows for the maximum public input in the democratic system.

The Green Friday reform movement was established by the Green Friday Foundation, Inc. on June 2, 2008.
To donate lightly used goods to local charities instead of - or - in addition to shopping on BLACK FRIDAY. THINK GLOBALLY, DONATE LOCALLY!
I'm skipping Black Friday this year and donating a lot of stuff to charity so I'm having a Green Friday.
by GreenFridayGirl November 16, 2010
A Day Set aside to protect the environment and help stop Global Warming by getting out of cars and using alternatives such as bicycles, walking, buses and carpools.
Founded by concerned citizens in Palm Springs and first celebrated on May 5, 2006 follwed by the 1st Friday of EVERY MONTH. Promoted Globally. has more information.
On June 2, 2006, the second Green Friday between noon and 12:30 hybrid cars in Palm Springs are asked to gather and drive in parade formation through downtown with lights on. Hybrids in other cities may drive from noon to 12:30 with lights on also.
by Wesley Cole May 14, 2006
Green Friday is the day when you get your buddies togeather and some some.You could also put green infront of other days and make em your special smoke days.
dude:what are you doing on friday?
dude2:Nuthing why?
dude:wanna hang out at my cribb I'm having a green friday
dude2:na I'm off to my grandmom, can't we have a green staurday instead?
dude:cool, later homie.
by SwE September 19, 2006

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