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An attraction to someone of Irish race or nationality. Similar to Yellow Fever.
Man, I think I got a touch of green fever from that Irish girl I met at the pub.
by sturmj December 11, 2009
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When one gets greedy with the weed and start to feel ill which results in puking.
I smoked too much, *aaaarrrgggghhh* *spit* *spit* and now i've got Green Fever.
by lgrl July 21, 2006
:the sickness a person feels from being too high and wanting to "come down" instantly after smoking marijuana
I've gotta come down man, I've got green fever.

I'm about to throw up, I smoked too much and have green fever.
by JT Harrison November 30, 2012
A sacred, annual event at Ohio University to gain excitement for a men's basketball game. It allows students to overcome the stereotype that "it aint easy bein' green."
Kermit the frog once said, "It aint easy bein' green." Obviously he never attended Green Fever with the Ohio O-Zone!
by Bobcat Nation February 05, 2013
When you smoke too much weed (especiall if it's dank) and get sick from it. Usually consists of severe shaking, uneven breathing, and delayed vision.
"I think I smoked too much...I really can't stop shaking. I probably have green fever."
by kmhKILLS September 16, 2008
what pussies get when they cant handle a harmless drug called weed
kid 1: man i cant smoke anymore... im getting the green fever...
kid 2: fuckin pussy...
by kbrais January 28, 2008
When a person is trying to stop using marijuana/ or cannot obtain it, The common withdrawal symptoms of Green fever involves feeling hot and cold flashes, restlessness, on and off sweating, nausea etc, these are some common side effects experienced when quitting weed.
This green fever is killing me.
by Stig-33 April 08, 2015

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