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Green dating is the act of recycling an old flame. This can be due to a dry spell or the amount of time since the relationship ended has been enough that the reason for the breakup doesn’t seem as important/terrible. Therefore you reduce you time on the market, reuse an ex-lover and recycle them into a good-enough-for-now option...until something better comes along.
Kerry: So, I heard you are dating John again…I thought you said you couldn’t stand him

Betsy: Yeah, but I figure he can’t be as bad as I remember, and since I don't have any decent new prospects I have resorted to green dating to get me through the cold winter!
by sallylabets January 05, 2011
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The act of recycling partners within the same dating scene, sort of like musical chairs but with STDs, jealousy, and guilt.
Man, we need to move to a new city. Every eligible girl I know has slept with half of my friends. I don't want to resort to green dating.
by blondefonzie March 23, 2011
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