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Part of the U.S.Immigration Act of 1990, it is designed to increase diversity in the U.S. immigrant population by providing visas to nationals of countries that have had low immigration rates to the United States. Applicants for the Green Card Lottery program participate in a lottery in which the winners are selected through a computer-generated random drawing. Approximately 50,000 non-Americans are picked each year.

The official name of the green card lottery program is the Diversity Visa Program (DV). The U.S. State Department provides over two hundred different types of visas for people to work and live in America legally. However, the DV program is the most unique one out there. Many of the visas the U.S Department issues contain strict set of qualifications. With the DV program, all you need is some basic education requirements and a bit of good luck.
Green Card Lottery Program, Green Card Lottery, DV, DV Lottery, U.S. Visa Lottery, Visa Lottery,
by immigration maven April 27, 2009

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