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A person of Greek and Guatemalan descent.
His mom is Greek and his dad is Guatemalan. He's a Greekemalan.
by Faith Cifuentes January 14, 2008
A wannabe Jersey Shore jackass. Often buys Ed Hardy from Costco in an attempt to hide his poverty. Likes to hang around Southside to hit on the fat Armenian girls as they walk to ULC. If given the chance, will lie about having a Mercedes to get play with said fat bitches.
Jessica: I met this guy last night at a club and slept with him
Marie: Oh, ya?! Was it good?
Jessica: No, he had a small dick and issues with premature ejaculation.

Marie: really?
Jessica: Ya, he was Greekemalan
Marie: Figures...
by Nigerian Nate December 07, 2010
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