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Greek Roulette is a sport in which two or more men compete in masturbating and reaching orgasm before their opponents. When orgasm is reached, the player must then hit their opponents with their fluids. A miss results in a loss. Orgasm cannot be reached before 1 minute, unless you're playing a speed round, in which case, the faster the better.
1 minute Steve just got off all over his opponents face and won the match of Greek Roulette!
by 1 Minute Steve, Champion December 06, 2010
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Going out to dinner with friends with no money in your pocket, hoping that someone else will bail you out when the check comes.

If someone else pays for you, you win. If no one at the table has money, everyone loses.
Last time Michelle went to McDonald's it cost her fifty bucks because everyone else was playing Greek roulette.
by 6rant6 March 15, 2012

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