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"Greebler" is a word that can be used to describe anything that is great.

Traditionally, it meant something else entirely, something disgusting. However, in modern day English, a greebler is an object of awe.
- Damn!!! That girl is fineeeee,
- Yeah bro, she's a greebler fo sho

- Dynamics grades are up, I got a A+ on the test!!!
- Awesome dude! You are such a greebler.

- Did you hear what happened to gray?
- Yeah man, he lost a game of soggy biscut
- He ain't no greebler
by Greebly McGreebs November 02, 2011
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(n) One who greebs - associated with felching
"You are an ass greebler."
by Jordan Scott Smith, Sr. November 25, 2006
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