Great Falls is the best place for any kid to be brought up at. It is safe and filled with nice and sweet people. True people there are rich, but are all well taught and respectabel.It is a small town, kids from there dominate schools in Mclean.
check out kids from cooper...perfect great falls is awsome!
by mystery192 February 27, 2006
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A town in northern Fairfax County between Sterling VA and McLean. Great Falls differs from most of Northern Virginia by having homes on very large yards and having no apartments or townhomes whatsoever. Because it offers a wealth of land and privacy in the middle of the D.C. metro area, homes and estates in Great Falls command very high prices. Within Great Falls is a park with waterfalls that take the lives of several kayakers a year and cliffs that injure dozens of freeclimbers and parkour enthusiasts.

Great Falls has no sidewalks, but many cyclists. There are also many exotic sports cars and fast, winding roads. Because of this, Great Falls has more cyclists hit by Ferraris than any other part of the country. Everyone in Great Falls knows who their neighbour is but has never met them, mostly because 12-foot gates are not very welcoming. There are only two roads to travel from Great Falls to Washington, D.C. This leads to failtastic traffic jams all day.
Man in Great Falls: - "I paid $11 million for a 20,000 SqFt. house with a multi-level deck, infinity pool, tiki bar, pool house for my emo son, basement movie theater, five car garage, horse barn, ballroom, and two-story master bedroom. "

"Five months later, Dick Cheney moves in across the street. FML"

Girl 1: - "What's that sound?"

Girl 2: - "That would be my next-door neighbour Gilbert Arenas having another party"

Girl 1: - "He sure is noisy for a dude that lives a quarter-mile down the road!"

Mom in Great Falls: - "John Kerry lives next door"

Visitor: - "Oh?" "How is he?"

Mom in Great Falls: - "I have no idea, I've never met him"

Guy: - "Some Verizon exec just got hit by a Lambo while he was biking in the road"

Friend: - "What an idiot!" "You'd think they'd build a bike trail for all the idiots in the middle of the road"
by White Guy on a Bike July 14, 2010
the most sickening display of hummers, bmw's, mercedes, escalades, etc. ever contained into one northern virginia town.
Nevertheless, its still better than Mclean.
-Dude, did you see that guys' car?
-Yeah he's from Great Falls.
by Great Falls Barbie April 24, 2004
A very wealthy/rich part of Northern Virginia, very close to Washington D.C. (Fairfax County). Many of the people that work with the government or at the White House live in Great Falls. Because Great Falls is a nice, private little town full of trees, many of the houses are gated & privatley surrounded by trees.

The kids in Great Falls go to Langley Highschool, a school known to be full of rich kids according to other kids who go to different highschools in that area.
person 1: Look at all those nice looking cars passing us by, going through that road!

person 2: yeah theyre all going to there mansions, in Great Falls.
by xxcookiemonster March 08, 2006
great falls is the 22066 zip code, the most expensive to live in in virginia and one of the most expensive in the united states. people here shop at tysons II, etc. (gucci, prada, louis vuitton, lacoste, hermes) regularly. not the most friendly people but if you're curt enough you'll fit right in.
lots of weed smoking and drinking but it is well afforded. what else is there to do in great falls?
"let's head over to gucci in the new mercedes daddy got me. it's bitchin!"
by white houses May 31, 2005
Great Falls Virginia, home of the eighth wealthiest zip code in the United States. Yes, we have luxury cars and large homes. It's because we can afford it, but that doesn't mean we think we're better than everyone else. Everyone lives however their finances allow, and ours happen allow us to live lives of luxury. So please, stop hating on us. There are many sweet people who live here and the trees happen to add a lovely aura to our town. But yes, there are quite a bit of nouveau riche, but not nearly as flamboyant as those in Florida and California. And hey, it's among the best places to live in the DC metropolitan area, and certainly the best place to live in Virginia. Mclean is nice, as well.
Great Falls was a lovely place to grow up. Everyone is friendly, we just happen to belong to a higher socio economic class than most.
by Blair Waldorf's loyal disciple March 30, 2010
Nothing says Great Falls Montana like riding a rubber horse and the very special people that ride it.
Person 1: Brian is special look at him ride that rubber horse.

Person 2: only in Great Falls, Montana.
by waltersaman July 10, 2008
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