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A small city/big town (depending on where you live) that happens to be the second biggest town in Montana. It is boring and full of old people, ranchers, and people that really can't drive. They have two main high schools, Great Falls High, and CMR High. Great Falls is in the downtown area and is filled with average and poor people. Also has a lot of druggies and stoners. CMR (stands for Charles Marian Russel, the western painter) High is in the upper town area. It's filled 2/3 of the way with spoiled rich brats, 1/6 with middle and average people, and 1/6 poor people. There's more sex than drugs at CMR but you still have the stoner kids who smoke in class (I'm not kidding, one teacher will let the class smoke pot during school). Both schools have had several suicides (for good reason, who can stand the town to begin with??) and are both convinced that they are full of "school spirit" but really they aren't. The only spirit filled kids at school are the ones in sports. Or dating the ones in sports. Or are somehow related to the ones in sports. Nobody else really cares.
"Oh GOD! I'm moving to Great Falls MT! Kill me now before I kill myself!"
by ThatFunnyBunnyGirl April 21, 2010
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