Grayce has a great personality. She has everyone wrapped around her finger. Great eyes and stunning hair. She is more popular than any of her peers. Smart, pretty, and fierce, if you ever come across a Grayce, you will fall under her spell of beauty and charm! But don't be fooled, Grayce is nice and kind!
Guy 1- "Did you see Grayce? She is so much prettier than anyone I've ever met!"
Guy 2- "Yeah I bet every girl out there is envious of her."
by Mabry Doe February 07, 2013
Top Definition
An incredible and beautiful lady. She is rather kind and caring. If you ever need a friend, I am sure there is there for you. She even makes the best silly faces... EVER!
Grayce bo-base, has a great face!
by Veganessa February 03, 2010
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