A Canadian 100 Dollar bill.
We do not except Grays here as this is store policy.

I cannot make change for your Gray.
by Floru January 08, 2011
A person with no concept of time and no common courtesy.
Person A: "Yo, he said he was gonna be here in 10 minutes, 53 minutes ago."

Person B: "Wow, he's such a Gray."
by bombaclot rastamon May 29, 2011
A word to describe someone who likes to break relationships apart, talks trash about them, and spreads rumors about them, and whatever she can to try to end them. Given a million chances to have a friendship, she ruins them all.
boy: bro this chick does not understand that i already have a girlfriend, like...what the hell.

girl: cmannnnnn not another gray!
by kimmy ;) July 10, 2011
Grays is a place in Essex, it is ova crowded by townies, however i am 1 so i dont mind. People from Grays are fukin gorgeous even tho admitingly they are mostly sluts or priks. Grays would b a much betta place wid out goths, punks, grungers and skater boys.
Grays is the best place in Essex.
The best place in Grays is Seabrookrise!
by - July 27, 2004
Gray is neither gay not straight, nor is it either black or white. It is somewhere in the middle.
The thing about being gray is that there are many shades of gray.
1. "Hey, are you gay or straight"
2. "Neither, I am gray!"
by my-slant August 03, 2006
another word for something nasty.
yo dude what does this taste like? gray.
by l-nice July 01, 2006
'Gray' is to 'Gay' as 'Gosh darn it' is to 'God damn it'. A perfect substitute for the often contraversial 'gay'.
A: I lost $200 today at the casino
B: Thats pretty gray homey, I'm sorry!

You graykid

McFarland is the grayest loser around. Stay away from that one !
by Freddy Z June 24, 2005

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