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When a person accidentally, purposefully, or excitedly defecates his/herself and the excrement runs down the leg. As defined by Opie and Anthony.
Mark crapped his pants today and had a bad case of Gravy Leg.
This movie is so funny its going to give me gravy leg!
I really didn't feel like going to class today so I walked in with Gravy Leg and the teacher excused me.
I went to squeeze out a fart and ended up with Gravy Leg!
by Rob Cavallo November 07, 2007
A result from the horrible dilemma of having a "gambler". Gravy legs would describe the unfortunate gambler who lost. This is then accompanied by a hot oatmeal sensation of poo pouring from their boxer shorts.
Ron wasn't sure if he was going to fart or shit. Unfortunately he lost the gamble and he had to drive all the way home with gravy legs.
by JP the literary genius August 12, 2004
when u diaria ur pants and it runs down ur legs
o dude i have gravy legs we need to get out of here
by DCrandom July 12, 2008
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