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The act of pouring water into a person's asshole and then proceeding to drink it like a fine gravy.
That chick had the sweetest gravy boat I've ever tasted.
by Neay Hey March 15, 2009
As well as being a vessel for holding/serving gravy, it is quite possibly the best middle name ever
Who's that you ask? None other than John Gravyboat Smith
by Sue Donymn March 06, 2010
A common kitchen item used to give an anxiously awaiting gravygirl a gravyfury.
I just filled the gravyboat full of fresh KFC gravy, are you ready to smile for the camera and have it poured all over your bare breasts???
by SlimGravy January 20, 2010
A sweaty and un-hygenic ass-crack, especially that of the morbidly obese. The hot, moist interior is usually somewhat brownish from fecal matter, reminiscent of Gramma's homemade gravy.
"I won't be chowin' ass on no gravy boat!"
by Ludicrous Slim February 20, 2004
When someone states that an object, idea, or statement is "all gravy" You are able to say "Get on the Gravy Boat!"
Get on the Gravy Boat BABY!!
by Jon W. October 03, 2004
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