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A mechanic or technician would call an easy, good paying job a "gravy" job.
I just scored two CV boots and front pads and rotors. Someone wipe this gravy off my face! Shit yeah!
by b-reezy December 03, 2007
A slang term referring to everything in a person's life is ideal to ones wants and needs, etc.

Life is good
Friend- "How you doing man?"
You- "I'm just gravy man"
by redzone10 May 29, 2011
a phrase meaning thanks, similar to thanks bro
nice shirt man
by graviesman January 21, 2011
1. A Liquid fat usually a mixture of: fowl juice and/or meat juice, flour, cornstarch, booze, salt and seasoning, butter and booze. The Combination of above mixture is used to pour all over in viscous quantity and meat that suits your fancy.

2. A State of mind: that your brain has been producing in a fat booze mixture of heavenly abundance. In a word it is STYLE. Style so fat and booze induced that the gravy boat (your brain) is unable to contain the sweet delicious substance any longer to its own self and must spill that Style all gravy style all over every thing that lacks style and grace.

To pour forth style upon a gravy-less sad ass person, thing or place.
1. Hey Uncle Jesse, pass the Gravy, this turkey is a bit dry - it needs some good loving bird juice to kick the flavor into hyperdrive.

2. Sir, your shirt is a plain white Oxford button down. It is surely not worthy of my attention. Stop sniffing my hair sir, before I am forced to cock lock youfor all time. By God! Put on this Gravy Shirt and maybe, maybe - I shall deem you worthy of kneeling before me. Take the Gravy sir - you lack STYLE!

V. 1. Wow, Gravy girl! Get out of here and Gravy that Robot Nerd MIT boy some style - that poor sucka wouldn't know a butter knife from a Bowie knife girl - and I do mean his cock needs to be worked - GRAVY!
by L's and eights July 08, 2009
What true italians call tomato sauce
(nonna):"Ehhh peppino, getta you hands outta my garvy!"

(peppino): "Nonna i just want a meatball! damn!.....Sorry i didn't mean
to swear, no dont hit me with the spoon!!!!"
by joe January 18, 2005
Small children, usually under 4 ft 9.
The Gravies attacked me at my aunts house.
by Ix December 02, 2004
A man's penis or dick
Yo she want's that gravy tonight!
How's your gravy? That kick looked like it hurt.
Bro, don't be gravy.
by Lamb Pita April 16, 2014