work that co-workers only get. consisting of easy high paying jobs such as throttle bodies and tune ups. certain employees experience gravy more than others. primarily people named steve
"i had to buy you some buiscuts today steve"


"to soak up all that gravy youve been getting"
by gravytrain08 February 01, 2013
Small children, usually under 4 ft 9.
The Gravies attacked me at my aunts house.
by Ix December 02, 2004
gravy - 1)n. a liquidy substance commonly used as topping and/or sauce on various cooked meats i.e. "Would you like some gravy on your turkey?" 2)adj. signifying that something is cool, okay, all good, fine i.e. "It's all gravy, baby"
"Say, I've got a free ticket to that concert. You should come with me" "Gravy"
by Mathew June 09, 2004
A state of complacency or happiness. Stable goodness.
It's all gravy.
by Jessu May 25, 2003
An extra benefit that comes from doing something that you would have done anyway for a different reason. Related to the food kind of gravy by the fact that gravy is made from the excess juices that drip from meat or vegetables while cooking.
Monica will gain so much experience and meet so many important people in her internship at the White House, that any money she gets paid will just be gravy.
by Tulpa August 07, 2014
noun; anything that's cool/awesome
man, that party was gravy
by fashiongurl January 08, 2011
When you're feeling great, but you act a little too eccentric in displaying your mood.

1/2 Groovy, 1/2 Gay.
Dude. You're acting a little gravy.
by Soda Boat Captain October 08, 2010
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