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A Wu-Tang side project. Formed by Prince Paul of De La Soul, it's members are RZA (Ryzarector), Prince Paul (Undertaker), Frukwan (Gatekeeper) and Poetic (Grimreaper). A group made in 94' who started a sound & style of rapping called "horrorcore rap". They all spit dark & nasty lyrics of death, suicide, murder, etc.
Eh you them Gravediggaz are some scary niggaz....
by Jinn10304 December 30, 2004
A hybrid rap band with a member of wu-tang, de la soul an 2 other blokes. Their style is horrorcore but well better. It's very nasty and pretty insane.
a representative example of one of their lyrics:
"i'll dig up ya grandma
fuck in the ass
send you her head"
by wig_wog August 17, 2005
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