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A prank in which large amounts of grass are collected and used to cover a person's front stairs, sidewalk, car, or other possessions. The more grass the better.
Dude, have you been by Bonnie's? She received a massive grassing.

Yeah, she got grassed hard core. Her car will never run the same.
by Lily, Keela, Nora, Kelsey June 10, 2011
6 5
The action of hiding in a grass field because the police has just busted the party that has underage drinking involved or any other form of illegal activity.
Jack went grassing last night and almost got caught when the patrol car drove by.
by vee kept January 24, 2011
12 5
a prank in which you put wet grass on a house so it sticks all over it.
"duue, we were just grassing that house it looks so tight."
by jack/michael March 15, 2007
20 19
Fucking a girl in the ass and your pubic hairs get stuck and they look like grass.
I have some grassing hairs that i cant reach
by President Wangert March 30, 2010
9 28
when a male fucks another male named grass in the ass
what did you do last night?
oh I was grassing
by Atodd May 18, 2008
3 40