Grape (Graped)

Google Plus + Raped = Graped

To update ones google plus account without the owners permission.

Mobile phone or PC left unlocked and unattended a mischievous passerby may be tempted to "grape" you resulting in one being "graped"
you have just been graped
by Lord Legion July 14, 2011
squirting Dasani grape concentrate directly into your mouth.
dam you just graped to hard
by Drdefreeze November 03, 2013
Used as a combination of two words "Get" and "Raped" used by anyone who recently gave rape.

"Grape" has a different definition.
It is a combination of the words "Give" and "Rape".
1. I Graped You
2. I Grape
Grape, noun: The act of grinding (as in the dance form of pelvic oscillation) on a person against their will and without their permission. A synthesis of the words grind and rape.
Graped, verb, past tense. To have been ground on against one's will.
Grapist: A person known for forcibly grinding their pelvis on a person contrary to the ground upon's will.
Did you see that girl grape Charlie?
I was surrounded on the dance floor and graped.
There were a lot of grapists at the party - I couldn't get away.
by Writernoob October 21, 2011
When someone posts on someone's google+ profile posing as the profile's owner usually to make the profile owner look like a creep.
Ste graped me.
by Steve Slater September 23, 2011
Being raped on Google+, similar to fraped on Facebook
Status change: 'I am a homosexual'

'Haha hes been Graped'
by badeggman July 26, 2011
the action of being groped but it being so intense and non-consensual it's classified as rape.
Person 1- Dude his hands were all over you without permission?

Person 2- Yeah it was like being groped…no raped

Person 1- You were graped…
by Scared Chick May 07, 2011

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