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Grape (Graped)

Google Plus + Raped = Graped

To update ones google plus account without the owners permission.

Mobile phone or PC left unlocked and unattended a mischievous passerby may be tempted to "grape" you resulting in one being "graped"
you have just been graped
by Lord Legion July 14, 2011
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Grape, noun: The act of grinding (as in the dance form of pelvic oscillation) on a person against their will and without their permission. A synthesis of the words grind and rape.
Graped, verb, past tense. To have been ground on against one's will.
Grapist: A person known for forcibly grinding their pelvis on a person contrary to the ground upon's will.
Did you see that girl grape Charlie?
I was surrounded on the dance floor and graped.
There were a lot of grapists at the party - I couldn't get away.
by Writernoob October 21, 2011
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Being raped on Google+, similar to fraped on Facebook
Status change: 'I am a homosexual'

'Haha hes been Graped'
by badeggman July 26, 2011
3 2
the action of being groped but it being so intense and non-consensual it's classified as rape.
Person 1- Dude his hands were all over you without permission?

Person 2- Yeah it was like being groped…no raped

Person 1- You were graped…
by Scared Chick May 07, 2011
5 4
Used as a combination of two words "Get" and "Raped" used by anyone who recently gave rape.

"Grape" has a different definition.
It is a combination of the words "Give" and "Rape".
1. I Graped You
2. I Grape
21 20
When someone posts on someone's google+ profile posing as the profile's owner usually to make the profile owner look like a creep.
Ste graped me.
by Steve Slater September 23, 2011
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Gang + Raped to form one word
Martin: Did you hear betty got raped?

Steve: Nah she was graped, there was a bunch of them
by Baptfox June 17, 2010
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