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Refers to desirable high school girls who have not yet been tainted by American Universities where they will gain 24 pounds on Natural Light, and will don only their University sweat pants, even to weddings.

Grape Juice is often pleasing to look at, but rarely to engage in a serious relationship with, as at the end of the day they will still be wearing Uggs, and saying things like "The Administration is a great band".

It's like a few years ago, when all the wine grapes went bad. Everyone stopped drinking wine and started drinking grape juice.
"Holy goo, she's attractive"
"Yeah dude, but she's grape juice"

Guy: "I'm so excited to be going to Daytona this spring!"
Girlfriend: "Ugh. Grape Juice city..."
by GalaxyBoner May 13, 2010
a feeling of intense like and lust toward a female or male of the opposite gender. The sheer feeling enables trembling of the limbs and fluttery-bugs in the thoracic area.
I grapejuice you!
by the-juicer January 13, 2011
"Grape juice going through my heart!"

1. Worst techno song ever. Originally "There's grapejuice on my planner." but was misinterpreted.

Long live the founders of Grapejuice. *.L.B.-.D.L.*
"There's grapejuice on my planner.."
"Grapejuice going through my heart!"
"What the hell?"
by sabishii211 March 26, 2004
Popping a virgin during her period. May associate with the word "Red Wings"
I earned my Red Wings with my last hoe, but this time I had some Grape Juice.
by Long Bang Trung August 21, 2004
This adjective not only describes a hot guy, but a QUALITY hot guy. The term gets its roots from "Very Fine" brand grape juice- you see the correlation.
Hey, what do cute boys and grape juice have in common?
I dunno, what?
They're both "very fine" hahahehe
Hohoho- that's a good one!
by green jello February 07, 2005
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