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Grantaire is a sexy human being who actually has a name(which is spelled unusually). He is in college, and he is a very amazing actor/singer. He is named Grantaire because he looks like the man from the les Miserables movie, Grantaire, who is always drunk, yet is also an amazing singer/actor. He is fancied by a girl in 7th grade, who is secretly married to him. They are secretly living happily :) he also likes to randomly outburst into song
Girl #1: OMG look at that guy! Is that George blagden?!
Girl #2: OMG he totally looks like him! Maybe his name is Grantaire!! Let's go talk to him!

Girl #1: Hi, are you-
by Yumyums November 29, 2013
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Grantaire is a ugly drunk guy from les miserables . And he is in love with Enjolras !! They FUCKING died holding hands!!!
Grantaire loved Enjolras
by Black Rabbit 4 November 09, 2013

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