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a drunk cynic who originally lived in the 1830s during the June Rebellion in Victor Hugo's Les Miserables. He can be found in many different modern fan fictions as well as in his spirit animal, George Blagden.
Though Grantaire is described as ugly in the book, he is actually an outrageously beautiful human being.

Oh he's also in love with Enjolras.
My friend: You know everyone is lusting after Enjolras, but do you see that guy with the bottle staring at his dick? Damn.
Me: yeah that's Grantaire
by justdateabarricadeboy June 26, 2015
Grantaire is a sexy human being who actually has a name(which is spelled unusually). He is in college, and he is a very amazing actor/singer. He is named Grantaire because he looks like the man from the les Miserables movie, Grantaire, who is always drunk, yet is also an amazing singer/actor. He is fancied by a girl in 7th grade, who is secretly married to him. They are secretly living happily :) he also likes to randomly outburst into song
Girl #1: OMG look at that guy! Is that George blagden?!
Girl #2: OMG he totally looks like him! Maybe his name is Grantaire!! Let's go talk to him!

Girl #1: Hi, are you-
by Yumyums November 29, 2013
Grantaire is a ugly drunk guy from les miserables . And he is in love with Enjolras !! They FUCKING died holding hands!!!
Grantaire loved Enjolras
by Black Rabbit 4 November 09, 2013

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