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the sudden visit of your grandma who is most likely gonna gonna either kiss you on the cheek and leave a ridiculous lipstick stain (colors may vary) or rant about her senial adventures most likely BINGO
Dude I got granny bombed today and now I know how granny won her fruit basket in Bingo plus i got this red lipstick stain
by jason1228 December 06, 2009
A 'bomb' that has exploded, and lets out lots of old people.

Originated from a person who drew an old person, with a feather in her hair...
The feather turned out to look like a bomb.
A granny, with a bomb = Granny Bomb
Jaz: Come on! Lets get on that yellow and blue bus, we're late.
Kajol:Ok quick its going to go...
Alex: EW NO !!!! That's had a granny bomb on it.
by QuackQuackMeow May 18, 2009