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A method of shooting a basketball. The shooter will start holding the basketball with both hands downward in front of their body with both arms extended. The shooter will then quickly raise the ball, keeping their arms extended, and release the ball before the arms become perpendicular to the body.

The shot is generally looked on to be performed by those with little basketball skill. The name is used in a derogatory manner implying that one shoots in a way that a grandmother would.
It's so funny when Jenna wants to play with us, because she always uses the granny shot.
by PohTayToez March 09, 2009
When a man is on his back and skeets at high velocity so that it lands over his shoulder on his pillow.
Girl: Another granny shot? Wow! You are amazing...
Guy: Damn, I'm out of pillowcases.
by Stuffing February 20, 2008
The act of doing a money shot on anyone considered a Grandma.
After having sex with that old lady I finished her off with a Granny Shot.
by Mad_Marx74 March 27, 2012
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