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A sex move that involves two guys getting it up the ass in weird ways.
Eww, I heard Jamie was Grand Slamming Jordan last night!
by Forgott|e|n July 30, 2008
9 25
when the turd you're shitting starts touching the water in the toilet bowl, while still attached to your arsehole.
Evrytime i eat Tex-Mex, i get a Grand Slam
by Nicoprofound January 05, 2006
4 14
when you are heaving sex with a chick, take out a baseball bat and shove it up into her anal cavity, then pull it back out and hit the chick in the face with it.
My girl was being a bitch, so i gave her a grand slam the next time we had sex.
by john February 14, 2005
11 22
A highly prestigious award given to the team who finishes UNDEFEATED in the 6 nations rugby championship. In other words, NO TEAM COULD BEAT THEM, THEY WERE TOO GOOD FOR ANYONE, NO-ONE COULD MATCH THEM FOR CLASS, SKILL, FINESSE, PACE, AGILITY, PASSION AND SHEER BRILLIANCE.
Wales won the GRAND SLAM after kicking everyone elses arse.
by God HelpEnglandInTwickenham June 23, 2005
17 30
When four guys blow their gooey loads on a person's face; male or female.
Calvin gave up a Grand Slam to Jeter, Rodriguez, Posada, and Giambi.
by Pvt. Twitchy April 28, 2007
1 15
When you have a one night stand, but get a piece of ass regardless. Whores do this. And they don't even have to date!
Yo mom had a grand slam date with me last night! Have fun with your new baby brother!
by DeAssFucker December 04, 2003
4 18
When a girl is sucking a guys cock, the guys hits her over the head with a baseball bat and knocks her out.
Bro, I fucking grand slammed ur mom last night
by Freye December 08, 2008
2 18