When you have gotten to third base with someone, and instead of loosing your V card to only them, you have a Threesome instead.
Hank: Yo man you will never guess what happened last night with Janet.
Jimmy: Did you finally get to home plate?
Hank: Even better, her sister was there and wanted in, so I got a grand slam!
Hank: word
by Daniel the Jewish Wordsmith July 10, 2008
A meal served at Denny's. Usually consists of eggs, sausage, pancakes, and a drink.
I ordered the Grand Slam for breakfast.
by MoleDeMesa October 02, 2003
When you have a joint,Blunt,Bong,vaporizer one after another
Alfred Giggles:I have a quarter o , do you guys want to do a grand slam

Arnie Berkwitz: as long as it is free
by dj dubsack jones December 25, 2008
As with the other baseball references to the bases (first base, second base, and so on) the grand slam refers to having anal sex. Since it is one up from a home run (just vaginal sex), and doesn't usually happen quite as often.
Mike hit a grand slam with that chick when he boned her up the ass.
by Chris11 November 22, 2007
Like a slam, only grand.
Oh man, that was a grand slam right outta the ballpark!
by Matt November 03, 2003
To awake one fine morn, and verily discover one's matress resembling a ordinance survey map with a rather warm chocolate log spread all over it as well as spew on your face and pillow.
"I do not think she will want to see me again after I came home totally ringbolted and grand slammed the bed, although your mum is a bit of a dirty slapper."
by Terry Fuckwit June 24, 2004
involved with sexual intercourse. you start off knowing that you are going to round all of the bases. As you round all of the bases, you waive to the crowd like a pro. you take your time to round all of the bases to get the full enjoyment out of the moment. Then when u get past the home base, you high five your team who are all lined up from the plate to the dug out - and the party doesnt stop there.
i hit that chick for a grand slam, then we went around again for a victory lap
by ummmm.. what tha May 30, 2005
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