A regional spelling of Grandpa, meaning Grandfather, your father or mother's father.
My Grampaw is the coolest, he is my Mom's dad.
by GlennGHConan October 11, 2007
Top Definition
An Internet celebrity, filmmaker, storyteller, character on myspace and youtube. Interested in the diverse and bizarre. Has created strange videos on youtube for 2 years.
Grampaw's website is www.myspace.com/grampaws and www.youtube.com/grampawuniverse. It's weird, but cool.
by JDougal July 01, 2009
An old, washed-up hippie. Devoid of any human kindness. One who preys on the weakness of young girls and whose only concern is self-preservation. A sad, lonely man who will never know how to love or the meaning of a real friend or lover. Also, one who keeps his hair long way past when it should have been cut, as a method to try and preserve any youth even though it makes him look retarded - sort of like Michael Bolton in the '90's.
How does that grampaw think he can score that chick?
by MichelleA October 15, 2008
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