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An Internet celebrity, filmmaker, storyteller, character on myspace and youtube. Interested in the diverse and bizarre. Has created strange videos on youtube for 2 years.
Grampaw's website is www.myspace.com/grampaws and www.youtube.com/grampawuniverse. It's weird, but cool.
by JDougal July 01, 2009
A regional spelling of Grandpa, meaning Grandfather, your father or mother's father.
My Grampaw is the coolest, he is my Mom's dad.
by GlennGHConan October 11, 2007
An old, washed-up hippie. Devoid of any human kindness. One who preys on the weakness of young girls and whose only concern is self-preservation. A sad, lonely man who will never know how to love or the meaning of a real friend or lover. Also, one who keeps his hair long way past when it should have been cut, as a method to try and preserve any youth even though it makes him look retarded - sort of like Michael Bolton in the '90's.
How does that grampaw think he can score that chick?
by MichelleA October 15, 2008