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A person who destroys any sort of style in other people's writing by utilizing grammatical rules; the sort of person who points out mundane grammatical errors that don't take away anything from what is written or especially an individual who uses "data" as a plural noun in casual conversation.
Sheldon: These data suggest-
Bob: That you're a yellow-bellied grammarbot!

Teacher: You didn't use a comma between your adjectives.
Student: Sorry but I'm no grammarbot.
#grammar #data #robot #bot #borg #teacher
by Alexander T. Graham May 01, 2009
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A person who would rather correct someone's grammar on an internet post than respond with any valuable information.
Instead of commenting on the underlying issues in the debate, the oppositional social media grammar bots attacked and debut the statements with limited responses such as "It's their, not their!"
#grammarbot #gramar bot #grammar robot #grammar bot #bot grammar #grambot #gramarr bot
by Halftone November 10, 2014
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