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Often seen on the comments on Facebook posts throughout the internet; it is to find joy and self worth whilst explicitly pointing out the error in grammar/spelling/punctuation in an online post or article (other than one's own). It heightens the view you have of your intellect and wit; while at the same time destroying others credibility. Often it can be accompanied by a witty remark, sarcasm, an asterisk (*) or even a meme, either way ensuring the mistake is highlighted. Sometimes it requires purposeful misinterpretation, whereas other times it is plain obvious.
Post: "Your never going to believe it"
Comment: "You're*"

Post: "I aint rollin like dat, I free bruv"
Comment: "Just to say, ain't* rolling* that* I'm* Brother*"
Comment: "I believe you mean; "I ain't rolling like that, I'm free brother", no need thank to me"

(Comments are examples of Gramatification)
by rackers7690 October 01, 2013
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