Someone who is initially fun to be around but is more and more boring as you get to know them, similar to the way a graham cracker tastes.
"Shannon is so fun!"

"You only say that because you've just met her. She's a graham cracker."
by iamck June 16, 2012
Top Definition
1: See iPod Nano.

2: A cracker made of graham.
My friend said his iPod Nano was stolen but he actually dropped it in his graham cracker box and ate it two weeks later.
A black person that acts white
It may be brown, but it's still a cracker

"Look at that black boy in the mosh pit...what a graham cracker"
by Brianne1979 January 04, 2006
a mixed person who has brown skin but acts white.
andrew travis is a graham cracker
by fartknockers April 22, 2009
a caucasian person who hasn't totally lost his/her mind and is in hot pursuit of something greater than the microwave oven, who believes that life's greatest pleasures are not derived from those things that plug into little electrically charged holes in the wall.
"That graham cracker has been living off the grid for three years now, do you think he has a facebook?"

"Do you think I should get uncle Dave this flat iron for his super long beard?

No, that Graham Cracker doesn't have anything to plug it into anyway, you'll have to make him one out of cast iron."
by a daily hypocrite February 29, 2012
A Mexican or Latin person with a brown complection that acts like a white person.
I have no Hispanic friends, and I don't have a Spanish accent! I'm such a Graham Cracker!
by xxLadyAmericaxx July 08, 2011
Anyone with the last name Graham who is smart, athletic and sexy as hell.

Not to be confused with Graham. Grahamcrackers don't go for fat, ugly girls.
See jalen
Damn, I heard Grahamcracker got laid again yesterday!
Yeah, he gets more than a jalen.
by DJGrahamcracker September 27, 2008
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