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Not just any old boogers, teeny-tiny little boogers. Therefore the cute nickname, boogies
Mother: "Stop picking your nose!"
Daughter: "But I have boogies!"
Mother: "That is the cutest little word I ever heard! Now go wipe them on your father!"
by Brianne1979 January 15, 2006
A cross between being sexy and delicious!
"Wow! That chick over there is so damn sexilicious! I'd like to take a bite outta that ass!"
"Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are both mad sexilicious!"
by Brianne1979 January 05, 2006
A black person that acts white
It may be brown, but it's still a cracker

"Look at that black boy in the mosh pit...what a graham cracker"
by Brianne1979 January 04, 2006
Bullshitting, like politics. When you are holding a joint and talking while everyone waits for u to pass that shit. When you have a drink and its only partially gone after a long time because you are distracted and not getting fucked up enough like you planned
"Damn girl...Quit politicing and drink your beer!"
"Stop politicing with that spliff and pass that shit"
by Brianne1979 January 15, 2006
1. Noun:
A vagina belonging to a disgusting, old woman who hasn't had sex in years, therefore having a snatch that hasn't seen daylight like a dark, empty, never-ending bat cave.

"Damn, Elaine is such a bat snatch! I don't think she's gotten laid since 1973!"
" Who would wanna fuck that old bat snatch?"
"That bitch is so ugly, I'm sure nobody has ever touched that bat snatch"
by Brianne1979 January 04, 2006
The smell your breath gets after licking dirty snatch
"Damn Mike, you need to brush your teeth, you got nasty tuna breath!"
"I aint goin down there girl! I dont want tuna breath."
by Brianne1979 January 04, 2006
Obviously, plain and simple, a sexy Mexican. Do they actually exist?
Kathleen is half Mexican and half Irish, so thats makes her a Sexi Mexi!
by Brianne1979 January 20, 2006
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