Graffiti that is done with poop. For an added effect, perform Grafeces with a group of friends. Each friend will eat a different coloring packet from an easter egg kit. Once the waste is defecated, you will find yourself with an array of colors. The best method of grafeces is to use it almost like a big crayon; grasping it with your palms and applying to a hard surface.
The interstate tunnel was filled with grafeces.
by Jesse S. May 17, 2005
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Top Definition
The artful yet shocking display of human defecation above waist-height in a public restroom. Usually containing but not limited to Jackson Pollock-esque splatters and/or precariously dangling stalactites.

This occurrence leaves the witness baffled as to the grafeces artist's motivations and technique. Perhaps this is a cathartic release of the soul, a commentary on modern society, or was it simply a burrito that didn't sit well. The sheer height of the markings is what brings about the true mystery.

Also leaves one with the burning question: "How did you get out of the bathroom, and in what state, Artist of the Underground?"
Dude, you need to check out the third stall from the end. There is a stunning display of grafeces. How do you shit on the ceiling?! The CEILING?!?!?!
by CHEESECAKETATTOO86 December 30, 2011

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